The difference between fashion and style is that fashion is what’s trendy in the moment and style is something you define and curate for yourself. If you’ve really developed your style, what’s on trend won’t matter. The key to developing a signature style is to not be afraid to be unique. No matter what anyone else thinks of you, the important thing is that you … Continue reading 13 TIPS FROM STYLE ICONS


Tips on Decorating For Christmas

We only have a few days left before Christmas. Have you guys shop for presents already? are you done decorating for this festive holiday season? If not, I’m here to help you on how to easily transform your house or your room to make it feel more like Christmas. Here are some simple tips! Put up your Christmas tree Christmas wouldn’t be as festive if … Continue reading Tips on Decorating For Christmas


Welcome to YourStyleCorner!

Welcome to YourStyleCorner! You sure are new here so let me introduce what this site is all about. But before anything else, let me first introduce myself. My name is Emmerey Rose of emmereyrose.com . I have been blogging for five years on my personal site where I share my daily musing and experiences (check here). I created this site for me to pour out … Continue reading Welcome to YourStyleCorner!